Mr. Resolution

Born in the Urals at the end of the 1970’s, Serguei Teplov has always been different from the people around him. In spite of his external defencelessness, and utterly resolute character always lets him have his own way no matter whether it’s a restaurant choice for dinner or lines of design development for ten years ahead. So once decided to be a designer, Serguei could be stopped neither by financial difficulties, nor a sorry plight of Fashion-business in Russia.

Having originated his own brand, today he is successful designer. Since 2005 Serguei takes part in Fashion Weeks, where his collections were informally declared as the discovery.

Inspired with cinema, music and literature, Serguei has created his own philosophy of wearing clothes and even made up the name - intellectual sexuality. In Serguei’s opinion clothes doesn’t exist apart from the person who wears it, it contributes to the personality of its owner. Recently Teplov has become interested in complicated design resolutions, and once simple minimal style has obtained a slight architectonic view. Using at the most the tricks of cutting and extraordinary fabric features, he designs garments full of secrets known only by the designer and the owner.

Nowadays the number of those who wish to learn the secret of Serguei Teplov ‘s clothes is becoming bigger and so he is trying to do it more accessible keeping the individuality of each particular garment.